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We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturing company in Water Treatment Chemicals with latest technology.


Research & Development:-

Recently our R & D team introduces new generation series of green Poly Electrolytes. The Track Chemical Speciality is producing industrial waste water treatment chemicals used for treating waste water that is produced by any industries as an undesirable by product. After treatment the Industrial effluent water may be reused. Most Industries produce waste water . In India, Recently industries are started to recycle treated waste water within the production process.

Our Poly Electrolyte Series Features:-
  1. Non- Corrosive
  2. Eco-Friendly & Green Chemicals
  3. Universal Nature i.e. work at wide range of PH
  4. No need of Acid or Base to maintain PH of water
  5. Reduce TDS of water
  6. Minimize COD
Our Green Poly Electrolyte Series

Heavy Duty Oil & waste water, oil Refinery and oil Field.



Results: – The above Green Poly Electrolyte works at the range of dosage within 10-20 grams per Ltrs. Removes the color up to 98%. There is no need to maintain to PH of the treated water. It’s reducing TDS & COD.

Biocide 10-B:-

Track Chemical Speciality recommend the product Biocide-10 B .001to .01% dosage to germicide, algaecide, bactericide treatment.

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